Report on the distribution of relief materials to victims of violence in Manipur. July 2023

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Wide Angle Social Development Organisation, supported by Sakal Media Group and Sakal Social Foundation, played a crucial role in providing much-needed relief to individuals affected by violence in Manipur by providing relief materials such as food grain, drinking water, Sanitary pad for young girls, medicine etc. The conflict that started on the 3rd of May resulted in widespread destruction and loss of lives. Both sides saw houses being burned and innocent people killed, leading the Government of Manipur to imposed curfew and total shutdown of internet to curb the spread of rumors through social media, in this situation women and children are the worst affected group, as they lost their loved ones or suffered injuries. To address their trauma and minimize the impact of violence, our team collaborated with government health care providers and gave them mental health support & counselling.

We also took help from All Manipur Working Journalist Union (AMWJU) and went along with them as they had curfew pass to distribute relief materials at Akampat relief camp on the 23rd of June 2023, which lies at Imphal East district, this camp housed 720 victims from Moreh and Churachanpur which are bordering town with Mayammer, while the remaining 5000 victims were being kept in Army camps.

Numerous other relief camps were set up across the state to accommodate people seeking refuse. However, due to the curfew and limited access, not all camps were accessible to the organization. We identified camps where government support had not yet reached and planned to provide assistance to those in need. Despite the challenges posed by the curfew, the organization managed to acquire relief materials at a reasonable price by convincing the local traders to cooperate.

The relief materials provided by the organization included essential items such as Rice, Onion, Potato, Drinking water, Fermented fish (Ngari), Soap and Sanitary pad. With the help of local club volunteers these materials were distributed at the following relief camps to extend support to those affected by the violence.