Distribution of Sports material and Digital literacy supported by CRY in collaboration with UNICEF

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Every living organisms need shelter/home for survival, safety & protection, development & progress most importantly with near and dear ones. The displaced inmates in different relief camps in two districts in Manipur namely Imphal East(15 relief camps) and Bishnupur (14 relief camps)respectively. The total number of children in Imphal East between 0-18 years were 1275 approximately while the total number of children in Bishnupur between 8-18 years were 520 approximately.                     

The team started the data collection from 18th – 20th of December, 2023 in both the districts. The distribution of sports kits started from 21st – 23th of December, 2023 along with sports coaching by the respective coaches in the relief camps. The team also had frequent telephonic conversation with the volunteers in charge regarding the necessary information and visited the camps to make sure that the children got the distributed items. We also visited the camps for the confirmation of the date of the friendly soccer match between the children of Oinam Relief Camp and Leimaram Relief Camp in Bishnupur District while in Birmangol Relief Camp and Temporary Centre fabricated Swombung. The Match were played on 24th of December at Oinam playground and Birmangol college ground respectively. The match ended with 4-0 win by Oinam Relief Camp in Bisnupur District while in Imphal East, the match ended with 2 goals by Birmangol Relief Camp.

On dated 26th of December, 2023, the team divided into two and visited the camps of Oinam Relief Camp & Leimaram in Bishnupur while in Birmangol Relief Camp and Temporary Centre fabricated Swombung to meet the respective volunteers for the discussion and preparation of the Training program on Digital Literacy on dated 27th  & 29th  of December, 2023 at Birmangol College Auditorium and Seminar Hall of Royal Academy of Law, Oinam.

The inmates longed for their native village and their homes and wished to go back if the situation becomes normal in days to come. Some of them shared their common problems like same food recipes frequently, no coaching facilities, worried about exams, their academic and career issues.  Specially, the adolescent girls   about privacy issue during the menstruation/period like using and disposal of sanitary pads, sanitation. Some of the girls in some of the camps also shared that the doors had no latches and one had to close the door from outside and wait. Children between 6- 9 years had small disagreements and arguments over the ownership of the distributed sports items   and they shared that they had to reconcile   finally at the end as the basic principle of survival depends on the sharing of whatever they got though very less  at this point of time as they said they had no option.

Babyna (name changed)  is a 17 years old girl from Guantabi village which belongs to Imphal East District. She is a school dropout, staying with her parents and two siblings.  Just after the ethnic conflict started in Manipur in the month of May 2023, her village was frequently attack, her house was burn down, any how she along with her family escaped and took shelter here and there, they finally landed in Nongada Relief Camp with the help of the local village volunteers. It was an horrific experience as she recalls the incidence. Almost 8 months has passed in the relief camp with the hope that someday she will be back to own home village.  When the team of volunteers met her she shared that she had to help in the kitchen and other basic errands besides helping other younger inmates in the camp which is often tiresome. However, she laughed and said that they had become a part of the family while staying together, helping and sharing together on the same roof in the camp. She also wished to have a coaching facilities in the camp to support their teaching learning process. She was happy to get the sports material so that at least she can relax sometime with her friends in the camp with the sports activity.

Jackson of 9 years old(name changed) internally displaced from Moreh which is the border town with Myanmar. May 3 when the conflict started in Manipur, He recalled and narrated us how the whole villagers fled their native place to survive. The frequent attack with firing of sophisticated arms and ammunition, bombarding with loud unbearable noises, cries, his home was totally burn down and they escape by taking shelter in the Assam Rifle camp. He was completely clueless where the entire family took shelter, he was confused and also scared with the situation. Once the entire family shifted to the URUP OBC RELIEF CAMP at Urup Hr. Sec. School in Imphal East District, During the initial days they were very sad with the facilities in the camps because they struggled a lot to get the basic amenities.  When team of volunteers approached to him he shared that he was really happy and thankful to receive the sports materials as he loved to play football and often played with his local friends at his native village. However, he shared that they had to wait for their turn to play as they could not mix and play along with the elders inmates in the camps. He also missed his friends and wished to go back home if the situation becomes normal in future.

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